Jun 072016

There are many different things you can get off a public domain site, they have everything from photos to music, to e-books, and so on. We think that one of the best things you can pick up from a public domain site though is stock photos. For example, there are public domain stock photo websites like pixabay. That is a very popular website for photos that are free to anyone. You can also go into Google images and then go to the no rights reserved section and those are public domain photos that people can use as well.

There are thousands of different public domain websites that you can find stock photos on. If you do is look through them. The main websites for just pictures are great and all but everybody uses those so the pictures will not be unique. We definitely recommend that you go to some of the more general public domain sites  to find photos because not everybody will be using those. The other problem with your basic stock photo sites is that they still own the rights to the pictures see you cannot resell them but they let you use the pictures for free. If you go to a  General public domain site, the photos you will find there you can resell to other people.

This is great because this gives you an opportunity to make a lot of money. There have been many different people that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars just by reselling free photos they found on the Internet. Some of the photos are ridiculous, but they sell for sometimes $20 each and thousands of people will download them. We recommend this way to make money because it is very easy and if you are a person who is somewhat lazy,  then this way of making money is perfect for you.   There are hundreds of different ways to make money off of public domain website but we think that stock photos are the most lucrative form.   There is nothing that is so simple as this, that is why we think it is the best way to make money off a public domain.

There was one man who found a photo on a public domain site and then reserved the rights to it again so he owned the photo and then sold it off to another person for over $100,000. All he had to do was going to a site find a random photo and Bam now he  is Rich! It is that easy.  So again, if you’re looking for a very simple way to make money that is never going to go out of style, then reselling public domain stock photos is the business model you should go with on making money with these websites.

That was the nugget of knowledge we had to share with you today and we hope that you can use this information to go make a new living for yourselves. We thank you so much for joining us again and we will have another awesome post coming tomorrow!

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