Jun 042016

A public domain is somewhere you can make a lot of money because there are a lot of expired e-books that you can resell on eBay and Amazon. welcome back to the blog everybody and what we just stated above is what we will be talking to you about today.


probably the biggest moneymaker out of any public domain is the reselling of expired e-books.  You can take one of these books and resell it for about $10 and literally thousands of people will buy it. We have known people that have become millionaires from reselling e-books. It is such a simple concept get so many people overthink it so much. Remember one thing about this is  finding e-books that are actually worth selling. So what you want to do is go to all of the top quality public domain sites and look for the most looked at e-books. The ones that are the most popular on the sides are the ones that will sell the best on eBay, Amazon, and all the other portals that sell virtual books.

There is sort of a science to selling these books. When you get your hands on the content from an expired e-book what you want to do is you want to reformat it and make it look sleek again. Here’s an easy place to go to to get things like this done it is called fiver.com. What you want to do is go to fiber and get a brand-new  e-book cover and then also pay an editor to go through the writing and make sure that there are no mistakes. Once you have figured all of that out you might want to add maybe a page or two of some new content to add your own little flair to it. This is not a business model that is completely free, but it is very low and cost and will generate you a high profit.  There’s a story of one guy who got an e-book off of the public domain for free and he made $200,000 off of it. He’s only investment was to pay an editor about 50 bucks to revamp the book and then five dollars to get a cover completed for it. All he did after that was list the e-book up on the sites and it it’s sold like wildfire.  Of course this is an extraordinary case though, so don’t be thinking that you can just take any random crappy e-book and make $200,000 off of it. This is going to take a good deal of thinking and marketing strategies to execute something like that.

Once you have done everything to prepare your e-book to be ready to be sold, then you are ready to list it. All you do now is put it up and sit back and watch the money come in. Would you want to do next is scale the crap out of this business and gout and launch as many books as you possibly can so that you have more lines in the water. The more avenues of cash generating assets you have the better.

We hope that this information we shared with you today is going to help you in your quest to making a lot of money off public domains.


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