Jun 022016

Here at open means we are going to start a forum page that is going to turn into a public domain. This blog is the start of that we will be sharing posts on public domain information  that is for anyone to use without copyright. So you do not need to retain rights from us to use any of the information. We will offer many different software’s, guidance, and ideas.  Our vision for the future is to eventually turn into a full-fledged public domain. We have to start small though with a blog where we will post links to different software’s that you can pick up that are free to use without a copyright. We want to be a site that can help out anybody with free business ideas and  resources to be successful.

There are many different  resources that the public can get their hands on, it’s just that they don’t know how to do it. That is why you come to a site like us where we find the ideas for you. We will also be posting information that is about paid products versus public domain products. A lot of the time on a public domain you cannot find  much quality stuff, most of it is garbage. We will be in advice blog on how to find good public domain products as well. You can actually make a lot of money off free products from Publix domains by picking up the old expired e-books and reselling them on eBay or Amazon. It is literally a way to make a lot of money without putting up any investment. So if you are someone who has very little capital to start a business but needs some quality products to sell, make sure to go to a public domain to pick those up.

if you don’t know who we are, then you should visit our about page at about open means 

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