Jun 162016


Public domain Hello world! And welcome back to the blog about public domain information. Today we want to talk to you about the subject that is using public domain information for your business. We all know that often times you can find pictures and e-books and things like that on public domain website, but  did you know that you can find uncopyrightable content for your business that you can put on your website? Yes indeed you can do something like this. One common problem that a lot of business owners run into is that they  cannot come up with good content to put on the website because it is something that is not easy to do. On public domain websites though, we have noticed that there are articles on certain niches that are very key word driven  and content rich. These are all awesome because of the fact that you don’t even have to do any of the writing yourself. All you have to do is go onto one of these public I mean portals and copy and paste the non-copy written article like our friends over at pool builder Sacramento CA .

If you look at their website you will notice that they just used some simple articles that they looked up on a public domain. This content is completely key were driven and it has been indexed for over 10 years so that it is top notch. Since it is been in Google for so long, it is going to help the website rank faster than usual. By the way Google is not  going to red flag this content as duplicate because it did come from a public domain that was not previously copywritten. Google knows when constant has a copyright on it because the crawlers can notice that type of thing. Getting great content for your website has never been easier.  We definitely recommend that you do this for your website because it is going to be very easy and you won’t have to spend the time it takes to create all the necessary content.

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