Jun 082016


Hello everybody and welcome back to our blog and today we would like to talk to you about public domain photos again. Yesterday we went into a brief discussion about where to get the best public domain stock photos. Today we are going to be going of the same subject but we are going to be  telling you about where to find public domain photos versus getting ones that are copywritten so that you don’t get sued.

The biggest problem with finding public domain photos is that a lot of the photos that people are downloading are actually copywritten photos. There are a lot of public domain sites that claim to have free images but they are really just stealing other people’s content. You want to make sure that you are watching out for these types of things so that so that you don’t get scammed. We have seen many cases were somebody tried to resell the rights of the photo and then then  they ended up getting sued by the person who originally on the photo because these people decided to sell something that wasn’t theirs. The sad part is that they were under the impression that it was totally all right for them to do this because they got it from a quote on quote public domain site.

There are only a few public domain websites that you can trust for images. We recommend a website called pixabay.com  for all your stock images because they are a website that does have on copywritten images. Any image that you get from their website, you will be able to completely resell and not get sued. You should seriously go check out their page at pixabay  so that you can start getting your awesome free photos today.

Things to watch out for-if you come across to cite that seems sketchy and is not put together as in the design of the website isn’t up to date or anything like that. Then this website that you are currently on at the time that you are looking for photos is probably a scam site. What is also terrible about these websites is that they will get your credit card information as well and see that they’re giving you free photos. After you download the pictures they will then charge your credit card for a bunch of money.  This is called identity theft and it is a very clever way to get peoples credit card information. People think oh I’m just in putting my credit card number so that I can get three free photos, but they are gravely mistaken. And then it looks like you willingly gave that information over to that person so that they will not get in trouble for the crime they just committed.

Just remember to stay smart with everything you’re doing when it comes to  getting pictures off of a public domain website so that you can protect yourself from a hefty lawsuit and very big fines. Copyright infringement is no laughing matter. It is something that is taking very seriously and there can be criminal action taken because of it.


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